Dying Towns of the Midwest (Remastered)

by Ministry of Interior Spaces

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Remastered by Johnson Cochran, September 2016.


released February 10, 2016

This is an album for Michigan winters spent in bed, imitation crab meat at the Meijer cold foods aisle, the way powdered snow looks like parting cloud in front of headlight, cold nights walking back home in Eastown, basement house shows with your best friends, the frosted glass dunes of Sleeping Bear, the ferns of Manistee, the forgotten mining towns of the Upper Peninsula, drives to Chicago to see your favorite bands, the campuses of Ohioan liberal arts colleges, the flat geometry of road and shopping mall, your friend’s sketches left on the dining table, the wind turbines of North Indiana, that surprising moment of beauty over the corn fields of Iowa, late-nights spent stargazing on Lake Michigan, the orange glow of Detroit, the front door with the Bush/Cheney sign, $5 admission historical lighthouses on Lake Superior, blizzards spent cooking, the abandoned factories of West Michigan, pyramid scheme philanthropists, movie sleepovers, the fire lookouts of Copper Country State Forest, haunted Catholic college libraries, deserted waterparks, the city of Gary, RV campgrounds, small Midwestern music festivals, the cherries of Traverse City, watching the Disintegration Loops, the broken grey beauty of the I-94, all the corroded water pipes of Flint, the drive-in church at Woodland, the crust punks and train hoppers of Punk Island, the pro-lifers praying outside the abortion clinic on a rainy Saturday, Mackinac Island Fudge in the freezer, falling asleep to your favorite song in your warmest clothes, the train yard stretched beneath the overpass where you tagged your name, mornings spent waiting for Bus 6 in the hail, the Enfield Tennis Academy, rolls of film kept in the glove compartment, every Petoskey sunset in July, the bourgeoisie coffee shop, the birds of Holland, the fuzzy lightness of your head after coming out from a night swim, the neon signs and car dealerships of 28th street, Wealthy Street potholes packed with black ice, the Grand Rapids Public Museum planetarium, waking up on your friend’s couch and not knowing where you are, frozen-over summer camp lakes and parking lots, fields of blinding afternoon snow, red and white headlights racing across Hudsonville hills, Gerald R. Ford’s burial site on a Tuesday, West Michigan feminist zines, every kid on acid jumping into the fountain on Monroe, the shadow of the blue Walma Avenue Water Tower, sleeping in the backseat, the window box fans that never get turned off during the summer, the Fulton Street Farmers Market, aimless night drives around the countryside, turbulence seatbelt warnings over Wisconsin, and sitting in the car in silence because you both can’t leave just yet.

Written, mixed and recorded over the month of January. Recorded with the OP-1, a Korg SV-1, a cello, electric guitar, Steinway Grand, processed vocals, field samples, radio samples and multiple delay pedals in the Surge Building, The Rat House, a kitchen, the number 6 bus, The Sparrows and the Covenant Fine Arts Center. I hope that sounded pretentious enough.

Remastered by Johnson Cochran (parlorvoice.bandcamp.com)

"Elegy for the Dying Towns of the Midwest" recorded on a 1959 Wurlitzer at the (now former) Flashlight Alley, with many thanks to Alicia Menninga. Also, thank you Carolyn for letting me use your cello.



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Track Name: The Wounded King
When I die I want to feel The Big Ship through my veins